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S.S. Enterprises is a leading manufacture of White Metal Lined Precision Oil Ring Bearing, Journal Bearing, Turbine Bearing, Thrust Pads & Supply to Pump Industries, Turbine Industries, Steel Plants , Cement Plants , Sugar Factory , Hydro turbine Projects, etc.

SS Enterprises Plant started as a machining activity for the pump and valve Industries in 1990. In 1995 SS Enterprises developed in white metal bearing with centrifugal process. The company is gradually grow with its manufacturing facility and services.


Our Vision!

At S.S. Enterprises, the pursuit of excellence, combined with our honesty of purpose propel us to envision ourselves as an organization that is truly worthy of being called world class.

Our vision is to becoming a globally recognized producer of the highest quality of engineered products with practices, procedures, technologies, equipment’s, and most of all human intellect of the highest caliber

Our Mission!

S.S. Enterprises aims to be recognized as a supplier of Mechanical Engineering Components of the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability with an aim to completely unburden our customers with their concerns related to all aspects of components procurement.

At S.S. Enterprises, we believe that the focal point of all our efforts are our customers and to delight them with our products as well as our service standards is our sole aim. Our mantra is ‘Our customers are our lifeline. 

We are totally committed to the needs of our customers by doing everything humanly possible to deliver components as per schedule and quality standards which will assure the market competitiveness of our customers and sustainable mutual growth. 

At S.S. Enterprises, our mission is to see this organization worthy of being able to supply Mechanical components to any and every standard set by our customers in every part of the world. 



Mr. Sachin Raosaheb patil ( Graduate in Engineering) as a partner and Mr. Sagar Yashwant Mahekar ( MBA in Administration) working as a partner having 20 years expeience.

Operational Excellence

  • Compact workforce of about 40 Workers.
  • Higher End Precision Machining Setup.
  • Highly skilled employee.
  • Fully committed and dedicated functional teams geared up for dynamic customer requirements.
  • Global standards of discipline ,integrity and work culture.
  • Strict conformance to quality standards and customer specification.
  • International quality standards in all process. Higher end quality assurance tools and methods.
  • Consistent timely delivery to all domestic customers.
  • Structured methodology for falure investigation and analysis.
  • Extensive ,efficient and reliable vendor base.

Quality Focus

  • The company has a well structured and implemented quality management system with strong customer focus.
  • All operations in the company are performed with strict compliance to the quality requirements of customer.
  • The working practices ,infrastructure, input materials,skill set of workforce fully match with the global std.
  • The quality management system of the company with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and is certified by TUV, Nord.

The quality policy of SSE say that :

  • We at SS Enterprise are committed to creating quality products to satisfy our customer and to ensure that they are in line with customer requirements and relevant standards.
  • We shall achieve the same through continual improvements in all working areas.
  • Our facilities are designed n such a way that is take care of the quality and safety of the product and the workers.

Objective : 

  • To increase the sale.
  • To achieve customer satisfaction.
  • On time delivery.

The strong quality focus is embedded in all type of activities responsible for production realization.

The input materials are sourced from world renowned suppliers.

In process defects observed manufacturing in < 0.2% and customer reported defects are almost NIL.